Top Digital Marketing Agency Trends 2021 You Shouldn’t Pass By!

Gaining an edge over the completion is not a difficult task if you are updating yourself with the ongoing trends. Read this post and know how you can stay ahead with these latest digital marketing trends.

At one time, a top digital marketing agency in Delhi make strategies, voice search engine optimization (VSEO), artificial intelligence were quite fascinating and ambitious but far from reach. But today, if you see these digital marketing trends are counted amongst the top priorities for every single digital marketing agency in Delhi. Hence, it becomes of utmost essential to check on these evolving changes to stay updated and ahead. And, not to forget Wendy Piers all true in his words – Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” 

Read these most crucial digital marketing agency trends

  1. Artificial Intelligence

If you haven’t felt the dominance of AI in the market, then you are seriously missing out on something important for your business. Big firms like Uber and Microsoft use robots for patrolling large outdoor areas and parking lots for the prevention of crime.

Similarly, one more exciting example of Artificial Intelligence in practice is chatbots. A Facebook Messenger was created by Mastercard that uses software to interpret what are the requirements of customers and respond accordingly just like humans do.

Very soon, you will find AI as a driving force in several areas like- Email personalization, basic communication, product recommendation, content creation, and E-commerce transactions.

In 2021, for content creation, instead of guessing on topics rely on AI that can better tell which article can benefit the ranking. Serve up related keywords and subtopics which can make your written article ultra-comprehensive.


  1. Chatbots

Yes! In 2020, you have spotted chatbots on several websites. Well, this remains to be an integral part of digital marketing even in the year 2021. This AI-based technology is smart & makes use of frequent messaging to chat. No matter, whether there is day or night, the chatbot is all time available to connect with customers. According to a survey –

The topmost advantages of chatbots include instant response to inquiries (55%), 24-hour services (64%), and simple answers to questions (55%).

Many brands are using chatbot technology since it never loses patience and answers promptly. This virtual assistant not only stands on customers’ expectations but is also ready to perform repetitive tasks without stopping.


  1. Video Marketing

You must have noticed that people love to watch videos rather than any other form of content. The reason is video keeps you confined with the idea till the end. According to a recent survey, it recording that 53% of people are looking forward to watching a video in the future.

Since there is a great demand for videos; chances are quite high that you reach your audience effortlessly. When they see your brand in the video, maybe they end up buying from your brand only.

What’s more about video marketing?

Approximately 62% of people thoroughly consume videos in comparison to 48% who consume photos from social media platforms. Ultimately, your brand value gets increased when consumers pay keen attention to your innovative video. Around 80% of marketers stated that video marketing strategies help them to gain their potential customers.

How do consumers most prefer to learn about a new product or service. - ClickZ

  1. Influencer Marketing

It’s like word-of-mouth marketing which focuses more on key leaders for amplifying the brand message to a wide audience. Usually, influencers are well-known celebrities but a digital marketing agency in Delhi can choose YouTube or Instagram personalities for the promotion of services or products as they can better influence the audience with their channels.

The reason behind influencer marketing is – it is more real than any corporate advertising and naïve in the market. It has been recorded that –

  • 63% of customers choose the brand from their influencers’ opinion rather than what a brand describes itself.
  • 58% of people announced that they bought a new product in the past 6 months on recommendations of influencers.

That is why the popular supermarket chain of Iceland decided to switch from regular celebrity ads to real-life moms for a campaign. They teamed up with a YouTube Channel named Mum. Now, many vloggers are promoting a product so that mums can connect with the brand idea.

Research showed that 35% of mums trust online videos rather than conventional advertisements.


  1. Social Messaging Apps

If you really think that social messaging apps are fun and just useful for sending emojis to your closed one. Then wait! Just look at these numbers.

  • Monthly, 1.3 billion users are active on Facebook Messenger
  • Whereas, Whatsapp stands on the first stop with 1.6 billion active users. Around 55 billion messages are sent each day.
  • The top 3 apps are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and WeChat.

social App

These statistics are enough to show the huge popularity of social messaging apps. It is useful for marketing agencies that are finding ways to make a strong connection with the audience. In fact, 63% of customers claimed to get returned on the websites which offer live chat. If you are still thinking about why to have a messaging app, then here are some reasons-

  • Boosting sales chart
  • Cultivate contact
  • Providing assistance and support
  • Regain potential customers
  • Involving people for event participation
  • Delivering information
  1. Smart Speakers & Voice Search

The growing use of voice search has compelled business owners to rethink digital strategies in the year 2021. Voice shopping is set to jump to $40 billion in 2022 from today’s $2 billion. Google, Alexa, Siri are widely on-demand as they create an optimized customer experience. Several brands have decided to include voice search to deliver value-based content including Nestle, PayPal, Dominos, Campbell, and so forth.

Optimizing for voice search is one of the best ways to promote business services. In 2021, you can see the boost in sales with its expansion.

Promodome is a digital marketing agency in India that is updating itself with ongoing trends. Also, the professionals are all-time ready to assist you. Stay tuned with us to know about digital marketing trends for the coming years!