Indian Oil’s World Environment Day 2023 Campaign


Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) marked World Environment Day 2023 with a comprehensive and impactful campaign aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation and promoting sustainable practices. Promodome Communications, an integrated marketing and communications agency, was entrusted with the responsibility of executing the campaign, which included a series of innovative activities designed to engage the public and create a lasting impact.

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The primary objectives of the campaign were

To promote awareness about environmental conservation.

To highlight Indian Oil's commitment to sustainable practices.

To engage the public in eco-friendly activities.

To generate media buzz and public attention.

Key Activities

    • Electric Bus Activation in Delhi
    • Concept: Promodome Communications created a  unique concept to symbolize the shift towards sustainable transportation, an electric bus was run across Delhi.
    • Execution: The bus, branded with Indian Oil’s environmental messaging, traversed key routes in Delhi, attracting significant public and media attention.
    • Impact: This activation served as a mobile billboard, educating the public on the benefits of electric vehicles and the importance of reducing carbon emissions.
  1. Street Plays
  • Concept: Over 100 street plays were conducted across various parts of Delhi by Promodome Communications.
  • Execution: These plays were designed to be engaging and informative, focusing on themes such as pollution control, waste management, and the importance of green practices.
  • Impact: The street plays generated substantial local engagement, drawing large crowds and fostering community involvement in environmental issues.
  1. Audience Engagement Activities
  • Concept: Interactive activities were conceptualized and organized by Promodome Communications to directly engage the audience and reinforce the campaign’s messages.
  • Execution: Activities included quizzes, pledge drives, and interactive installations where participants could learn about environmental conservation in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Impact: These activities helped to deepen the public’s understanding of environmental issues and motivated them to take personal action towards sustainability.
  1. Cyclothon
  • Concept: A high-profile cyclothon event was organized by Promodome Communications, featuring participation from VVIPs and respected dignitaries.
  • Execution: The event took place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, with prominent personalities leading the charge, thereby drawing significant media coverage and public interest.
  • Impact: The cyclothon not only promoted cycling as a green mode of transportation but also underscored the commitment of influential figures to environmental causes.

Recognition and Acclaim

Promodome Communications received widespread acclaim for the flawless execution of the campaign, particularly the cyclothon event at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The meticulous planning and seamless execution were lauded by both participants and the media, reinforcing Promodome Communications’ reputation for excellence in event management.

Results and Impact

Media Coverage

The campaign garnered extensive media coverage, both in print and digital platforms, amplifying the message of environmental conservation.

Public Engagement

 Thousands of Delhi residents participated in the various activities, significantly raising awareness and prompting behavioral changes towards more sustainable practices.

Brand Image

Indian Oil’s image as a company committed to environmental sustainability was strengthened, showcasing its proactive approach in addressing environmental issues.

Summing Up

The World Environment Day 2023 campaign by Indian Oil, executed by Promodome Communications, was a resounding success. The innovative use of electric buses, engaging street plays, interactive activities, and a high-profile cyclothon effectively captured public attention and promoted the message of sustainability. This case study highlights the importance of creative and comprehensive campaigns in driving public awareness and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

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