Delhi Police Anti-Terrorism Campaign


Delhi Police, aiming to bolster public awareness and vigilance against terrorism, commissioned Promodome Communications to create an impactful Anti-Terrorism Campaign. The objective was to engage the public through captivating visuals, strong messaging, and strategic media placements.



Increase Public Awareness

Educate the public on recognizing and reporting suspicious activities.

Instill Vigilance

Encourage proactive behavior and community vigilance.

Reach a Broad Audience

Utilize various media platforms to ensure widespread reach.

Campaign Strategy

Creative Approach
  • Captivating Visuals and Punch Lines: Promodome developed visually striking graphics paired with powerful, concise messages designed to grab attention and convey urgency.
  • Out-of-the-Box Hooks and Design: The creative team focused on unconventional hooks and designs that would stand out in both print and outdoor media, ensuring the campaign was memorable and impactful.

Media Plan and Placements

  • Strategic Placement: Ads were strategically placed in high-traffic areas such as metro stations, bus stops, and busy marketplaces to maximize visibility. Print ads were featured in leading newspapers and magazines.
  • Integration with Digital Media: Complementary digital ads were placed on social media platforms and news websites to reach a tech-savvy audience.

Multimedia Integration

  • “Eyes and Ears” Movie: A short film titled “Eyes and Ears” was produced and screened in theatres. The film, praised for its concept and direction by senior officials, aimed to emotionally engage the audience, driving home the importance of vigilance and reporting suspicious activities.


Design and Messaging
  • The campaign visuals featured stark, high-contrast imagery of everyday scenarios where vigilance is critical. Each visual was paired with a strong punch line like “Your Attention Can Save Lives” or “Report Suspicious Activity – Be Alert, Stay Safe.”
  • Innovative design elements included interactive billboards and QR codes on posters, leading viewers to educational content and helplines.
Media Placement
  • Print Media: Full-page ads in leading newspapers such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times, and magazines targeting diverse readerships.
  • Outdoor Media: Billboards, transit ads on buses and metro trains, and posters in public places.
  • Digital and Social Media: Engaging content including infographics, video snippets from the “Eyes and Ears” movie, and interactive posts were shared on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Theatre Campaign
  • “Eyes and Ears” Movie: This short film was screened in multiplexes across Delhi. The storyline emphasized community vigilance and the importance of reporting suspicious activities to the police. The film was promoted through trailers and posters in theatre lobbies, creating a preemptive buzz.


Public Engagement and Awareness

The campaign successfully captured public attention, with a significant increase in the number of reports to the police about suspicious activities.

Social media engagement metrics showed a marked increase in shares, likes, and comments on the campaign content, indicating widespread public resonance.

Recognition and Praise

  • The “Eyes and Ears” movie received accolades from senior police officials for its impactful storytelling and direction.
  • The campaign was recognized as a benchmark for public awareness initiatives, with other states considering similar approaches.

Long-Term Impact

The heightened awareness and proactive behavior among the public led to a more vigilant community, contributing to the prevention of potential threats.

Summing Up:

The Anti-Terrorism Campaign by Promodome Communications for Delhi Police serves as a notable example of how strategic creative direction, innovative design, and targeted media placement can effectively engage the public and enhance community safety. Through a combination of captivating visuals, strong messaging, and multimedia integration, the campaign achieved its objectives and set a standard for future public awareness initiatives.

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