Our expertise lies in integrated marketing communications focusing on every mass media possible. Whether, its Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, TV Ads, Radio ads, Print ads, Media Buying or Events; we serve as a one stop solution for your every marketing need.


We have been doing advertising agency in its classical format for over 20 years but today we are a digital agency with traditional advertising skills. Today creative messaging is a lost art with many pure digital agencies. We leverage our creative advertising agency skills to deliver high-impact multidimensional advertising through all mediums. The traditional portion of our portfolio includes creating campaigns for Print medium, Broadcast TV, OTT platforms, Radio, Out-of-home medium etc.
We develop integrated marketing communications to ensure that all messaging and communication strategies are unified across all platforms and are centred on the consumer.


Digital Marketing is a two-way street. No medium prior to the Internet has ever offered corporates and brands a means of conducting two-way communication with their consumers. Promodome Communications is dedicated to harnessing appropriate digital marketing tools for the benefit of our clients and ensuring proper execution and measurement of campaigns. Your online presence has a major impact on the growth and success of your brand. That’s where SEO & SEM comes in. It’s important to understand how visible your brand content is to your audience, and how well it is performing. It all boils down to how easily your target audience is able to find your brand. The digital portion of our portfolio includes creating digital adverts, dynamic web banners, mobile banners, e-mail marketing, Google marketing etc.


We don’t stop at recommending right brand communication strategies and appropriate creatives to accompany them. We also identify and recommend the right medium (both in traditional and digital space) and the best time frame for reaching out a brand’s target audience. Our planners & buyers work closely with clients, publishers, broadcasters and web channels to deliver exceptional service throughout. Our extensive relationships with various media helps us gain leverage with publishers, broadcasters and web channels to provide our clients better rates and value-added placements.


The final frontier for any brand is its final contact with its consumers. Every brand has to face this situation with utmost care whether the contact is through a simple Road show or through a complex Star Studded Stage show or with a small colony Event or an event with a massive gathering, or it could be a deep pocket Exhibition. Promodome offers a bouquet of services for this last mile consumer activation and experiential marketing.


Our approach to broadcast advertising is proven and time tested. We design creative ideas to engage the target audience and build brand awareness. We produce result oriented quality TVCs, Corporate AVs, films, videos etc. with the help of our own group film production company – Promodome Motion Pictures. This helps us save costs for our clients and gives us complete creative & quality control.


Our approach to broadcast advertising is proven and time tested. We design creative ideas to engage the target audience and build brand awareness. We produce result oriented quality Radio Jingles and Radio Spots which carry a brands messaging to the target groups effectively.


Our film production venture, Promodome Motion Pictures has many critically and commercially acclaimed films Bhonsle(2019), Anaarkali of Aarah (2017) to name a few. With expertise in film production, we deliver class apart TVCs, corporate films etc. Having our own in house production house gives us full creative and quality control.


Breaking away from the clutter without breaking the bank of our clients is our motto. That’s how successful brands are built in today’s challenging economic conditions. As your strategic partners, we drive growth while navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of technologies, channels and platforms. Marrying data driven market segmentation with consumer behaviour, Promodome arrives at result producing communication strategies for its client’s brands.

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