LivPure’s Marketing Transformation by Promodome Communications


LivPure, a premium brand in the water purifier segment, aimed to enhance its market presence and boost sales for its flagship product, LivPure Allura (RO). In pursuit of this goal, LivPure collaborated with Promodome Communications to craft a compelling marketing strategy. This case study delves into the strategic actions taken by Promodome Communications that significantly elevated LivPure’s market position.



LivPure, known for its advanced water purification technologies, sought to capture a larger share of the Indian market, dominated by well-established players. The challenge was to create a distinct identity for LivPure Allura (RO) and build consumer trust and recognition.

Marketing Challenges:

Brand Visibility: Increasing brand visibility in a competitive market.

Product Differentiation: Highlighting the unique features of LivPure Allura (RO) to stand out.

Consumer Engagement: Capturing consumer interest and driving purchase decisions.

Strategic Initiatives by Promodome Communications:

  1. Celebrity Endorsement:
  • Objective: To leverage a high-profile personality to boost brand recognition and trust.
  • Execution: Promodome Communications directed and produced a television commercial (TVC) featuring cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. The commercial was aired across India, ensuring widespread visibility.
  • Outcome: The endorsement by Sachin Tendulkar, a highly respected and beloved figure, generated significant attention and credibility for LivPure Allura (RO). This association helped attract a broad audience and fostered trust in the brand.
  1. Targeted Television Campaign:
  • Objective: To create a high-impact television campaign that reaches a wide audience.
  • Execution: Promodome Communications produced a compelling TVC that highlighted the premium features and benefits of LivPure Allura (RO). The commercial was strategically aired across various channels to maximize reach and frequency.
  • Outcome: The TVC created a whirlwind of eyeballs and traction for LivPure Allura (RO). The campaign managed to achieve higher than average Gross Rating Points (GRPs), indicating strong viewer engagement and effective message delivery.
  1. Sustained Advertising Efforts:
  • Objective: To maintain momentum and continue driving consumer interest.
  • Execution: Following the initial success, Promodome Communications persuaded LivPure to invest more in the campaign to keep the wave of interest going. This included additional airings of the TVC and possibly supplementary advertising efforts.
  • Outcome: The sustained advertising efforts helped maintain the visibility and consumer interest generated by the initial campaign, contributing to ongoing brand awareness and sales growth.

Results and Impact

Increased Brand Visibility:

 The TVC featuring Sachin Tendulkar significantly enhanced LivPure’s brand visibility across India.

Higher Consumer Engagement:

 The compelling advertising campaign successfully captured consumer interest, as evidenced by higher than average GRPs.

Sustained Market Presence:

Continued investment in advertising ensured that LivPure Allura (RO) remained top-of-mind for consumers, driving sustained sales and market presence.

Summing Up:

The strategic collaboration between LivPure and Promodome Communications was instrumental in transforming LivPure’s market position. By leveraging celebrity endorsement, creating a high-impact TV campaign, and sustaining advertising efforts, Promodome Communications effectively boosted LivPure’s brand visibility, consumer engagement, and market share. This case study highlights the power of well-executed marketing strategies in achieving business success in a competitive market.

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