Documentaries for IKS, AICTE and the Ministry of Education


The Ministry of Education, through AICTE and the IKS division, tasked Promodome Communications with producing two documentaries on Traditional Farming and Ayurveda to preserve and promote India’s cultural heritage.



Preserve Cultural Heritage: Document and promote traditional practices in farming and Ayurveda.

Educate and Inspire: Provide educational content showcasing the relevance of these traditional methods today.

Achieve Widespread Recognition: Ensure the documentaries receive attention and praise from both the public and educational institutions.

Campaign Strategy

Creative Approach

  • Innovative Concepts: The documentaries combined historical context with modern relevance.
  • Attention to Detail: Extensive research ensured the content was informative and engaging.

Production Process

  • Scripting and Research: Developed comprehensive scripts based on in-depth research and consultations with experts.
  • Shooting and Direction: Shot across various Indian locations, capturing authentic visuals and expert interviews.

Promotion and Distribution

  • Strategic Release: Launched through educational platforms, social media, and special screenings.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Partnered with educational bodies and media to ensure wide reach.


Documentary on Traditional Farming

  • Concept: Explored ancient sustainable farming practices and their relevance today.
  • Visuals and Narration: Featured traditional farms, farmer interviews, and expert insights.

Documentary on Ayurveda

  • Concept: Delved into the principles, history, and modern applications of Ayurveda.
  • Visuals and Narration: Showcased Ayurvedic practices, practitioner interviews, and medicinal plant segments.

Production Details

  • Research and Filming: Collaborated with universities and institutes, filming at key locations.
  • Post-Production: High-quality editing, background scores, and voice-overs enhanced the final product.


Recognition and Praise

  • Acclaimed by the Ministry of Education, AICTE, and IKS for innovative concepts and attention to detail.
  • Adopted by educational institutions as supplementary learning material.

Public Engagement

  • Significant viewership and positive feedback on educational platforms and social media.
  • Special screenings and discussions held in various forums.

Long-Term Impact

  • Renewed interest in traditional farming and Ayurveda, encouraging research and practical applications.
  • Sparked conversations on sustainable living and integrating traditional knowledge into modern practices.

Summing Up:

Promodome Communications’ documentaries on Traditional Farming and Ayurveda successfully preserved and promoted India’s cultural heritage. Through innovative concepts, detailed research, and strategic promotion, these documentaries educated and inspired audiences, receiving significant recognition and contributing to cultural preservation.

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