Top 5 Event Management Companies That Will Inspire Your Next Event

We have brought the following article that can guide you to choose the best event management company in Delhi for your next event. Feel inspired to host your event this year? But do you have what it takes to perform, tasks like event planning, theme selection, venue selection, vendor management, decor management, and staffing? Seems challenging right?

The festival week full of dozens of events is just around the corner and while the complete celebration is a distant memory. Many organizations and people are coming forward to host and events with full spirit. Although from a distance, the idea of hosting an event seems as simple as managing celebrations at the workplace, arranging meetings and executing planning tasks, however, in reality, these tasks come nowhere near to actual event planning. That’s why it is crucial to have a professional at your site. Here are the top event management company in Delhi, India who can acquire to execute your next big event:

Event Management companies from across India

Events are great not just because they create a public image but also define your reputation on the market level. No wonder, the success of these events is such a big deal for many organizations. As events define in different categories such as business, entertainment, education, marketing, etc. Businesses need to focus on event management company in Delhi that is willing to hire for the job. Here are the top 5 event management companies in India:

  1. Big arts Events

If you are searching for a well-establish growth-oriented event management company that possesses all the creative concepts, look no further than Big arts Events. Led by a team of professionals Big arts Events provides a wide range of event services to meet clients’ precise requirements without any hassle.

Location: Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Karnal, Noida

Specialty: corporate / commercial events

What they offer: Full event organization, decorations, wedding planning, artist hiring, vendor contract negotiation, media management and more.

Whether you are planning to host an event, wedding, art exhibition, chartable event or any sort of function, Big arts Events is well-equipped to host it. As professionals, they invest their sweat and hard work to bring out the element of surprise to most events.

2. Promodome Communications India

Promodome communications India recognizes as a trustable name in event management. As a brand of choice, Promodome comes with specialization in several events like education, corporate, marketing, charity, celebration and more. Empowered by a team of professionals with skills and decades of experience in event organization. Promodome can organize different categories of events with excellent definitions. Furthermore, as a reputed event planner in Delhi, Promodome can utilize their broad network and skills in advertising, entertainment and communication, to spread the word about events- making them a centre of attraction in the eyes of the media.

Location: Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Punjab

Speciality: corporate events, celebrity events, marketing events, promotion and charity events

What they offer: Event planning, celebrity invitation, venue sourcing, vendor negotiation, security arrangements, guest list management, branding and event marketing, event planner, wedding organiser, royal wedding planner, an advertising agency.

Known brands who aim for perfection always turn to Promodome to host spectacular events, product launches, and unforgettable brand environments. When it comes to delivering an unimaginable experience, Promodome leaves no stone unturned to go beyond expectations.

3. Wizcraft

Wizcraft is another most reliable event hosting and event management company in Delhi, India that reside in Mumbai. It is known for hosting some of the most glorious events including the famous IIFA Awards. On the top, this company is known as the trendsetter in the event planning and management industry that involves commercial and corporate events, wedding planning, television production, education events and more.

Location: Mumbai, Delhi

Speciality: corporate events, educational events, retail designs, television production

What they offer: Event concept designing, décor planning, vendor management, staffing, styling, and more.

With extensive experience in event management, It helps clients to cut down the burden that comes with event hosting. Beyond event planning and designing the organization is known for handling projects in commonwealth tournaments and has more than 600 collective houses.

4. Wow Events

When it comes to hosting luxury events that will leave a remarkable experience in attendees minds, there is no match for Wow Events. Having a global presence backed by a team of world-famous event hosting professionals, artists, and organizers makes Wow Events. A successful event planner

can pull out the impossible.

Location: India, London, Paris, Germany, Nepal

Speciality: Wedding events, product launches

What they offer: End-to-end event planning, event consulting, Private celebrity events and weddings.

The Wow Events also gained quite a reputation in the market through the successful execution of product launches. Companies like- Jaypee cement, Hitachi, G five, Ultra tech have launched a range of products thanks to events organized by Wow events.

5. DNA Entertainment

If you are certainly looking for music and sport event organizers in India then, your search comes to an end with DNA entertainment. Situated with headquarters in Bengaluru, and branches in states like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, DNA has been working with global artists including Sir Ethon John, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Beyonce, Roger Waters, and Bryan Adam.

Location: Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai

Speciality: corporate events, sports events, live entertainment, music events,

What they offer: Event designing, décor, production, venue selection, celebrity invitation, vendor management.

When it comes to music events, DNA comes second to no one but their limitation to specific event types can seem unappealing to those who are aiming to host otherwise.

Who is the best?

The answer to this question is quite subjective and hard to provide. If you are considering an all-rounder for every event type then, we would recommend Promodome Communications. Besides being the best radio and event planner in Delhi, the organization has been trusted by high profile brands for marketing, broadcasting and communication purposes.