How to fight with the top advertising agency in Delhi in 2022?

With the Christmas vibes just around the corner, this year has come to an end, making the time of

the year when you start preparing a new marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

For decades, top advertising agencies in Delhi have been obsessed with SEO keywords and their

organic ranking. One of the key reasons behind this is that keyword ranking is one of the SEO metrics

that play a crucial role in the success of a marketing campaign.

At the end of the keywords are crucial but only when they drive more business in form of traffic, click

rate, and conversion. There was a time when Google used to accept any sort of keywords but after

years of algorithm updates, it has become better at understanding the user intent. This has led to the

preference for keywords that connect with the content and meet the user’s intent.

Are keywords still hold the same value?

There is no correct answer to this question but if you ask if the keywords matter for Google indexing

and overall marketing then the answer is absolute YES.

Let’s get in detail to learn what needs to be changed to prepare better for upcoming years.

Why are marketing companies paying attention to keywords?

There is more than just one reason to pay close attention to keywords. Top digital marketing

agencies in Delhi understand that keywords are the common phrases that help consumers to search

and find what they are looking for online. These terms are made with one or two phrases that describe

what they need. There are different types of keywords used for various purposes, including:

 Branded

 Non-branded

 Local

 Geographical

 Product-based

How will your keywords contribute to digital marketing?

Here are four ways how keywords contribute to digital marketing:

Keywords contribute to indicating user intent

Do you know keywords are directional?

They leave cues that can help us to identify the intent of users or consumers including what kind of

content they are trying to retrieve online. But sometimes there can be a vocabulary gap between the

index system and user intent.

That’s why advanced search engines like Google use advanced query expansion technologies.

For example, a user searches “fresh apples” as a query and the first result that will pop up on the

screen will be fresh apples Shimla, which will be relevant to the query than pages that has the direct m

match of “Fresh + Apple” to qualify.


Plus, Google prefers to show results based on freshness as well. So, yes the closer the user can

get to match the query the better it is.

However, users tend to have a basic idea of what they are looking for, so search engines must be

prepared to show all relevant results to match their queries.

Keywords cover distance

When it comes to choosing a list of keywords for a campaign, many digital marketing agencies in

Delhi research to gain more visibility to get an idea of what keywords rank in which region,

zone and distance.

For instance: if a client wants to cover the distance with the term “Writing Service” the chances are

there that they will not rank for target keywords. To achieve the desired ranking on the targeted

keywords the page must incorporate all topics associated with the writing service to make the page

content more holistic.

Once they expand the base, they can build strong links to rank the page for writing service in less


Target keywords keep the track of right customers

When SEO experts and marketers conduct the market analysis with the current keyword visibility and

competitive set, they can easily identify the content gap. They may find that they don’t have content

on required topics or content that needs to be optimized to rank better.

For example, There was a client once who wanted to rank for “top advertising agency in Delhi”.

After performing the competitive visibility, we found that the client didn’t have a top advertising

agency in Delhi in any of their page title, meta description, content body, or anywhere else. Therefore,

it was not ranking for the keyword.

Here what you need to understand is once the marketers develop content around “top advertising

agency in Delhi” and optimize with schemas, and links the conversion can be increased by 13%.

The keyword top advertising agency in Delhi helps us to identify the target audience.

Keywords drive required traffic on the site

This is no rocket science that websites the ranks on the first page of Google results receive 80% of the

overall clicks. There are only a few who go beyond the first page to find what they are looking for.

For example; if ranks #1 for the “top  advertising agency in delhi” a term that

receives more than 16.4k queries every year has 28.6k clicks that make the total of 4500 visits on the


As you can see if one puts more effort into bringing visibility, the website can eventually drive a

considerable amount of traffic that further increases the revenue. However, ranking on the high-

volume keywords are better than ranking on low volume.

Do you still need to track keywords in 2022?

The answer is YES.

As you read earlier, keywords still provide business value through traffic, visibility, conversion and



For businesses that deal with a range of products, it will be challenging to keep track of every

the keyword as there can be thousands of keywords relevant to the products.

It is a great idea to hire a top advertising agency in Delhi to keep track of golden keywords that

can deliver the most value to your business in form of traffic, conversion, and revenue.

Are there situations when keywords are useless?

In the current year of 2021, we are still focusing on the keywords density without releasing the fact

that stuffing keywords will bring no good for your business. Instead, focus on keywords that will

satisfy the user information needs and will deliver what users are looking for.

Wrapping up

In the end, optimizing the right keywords can provide significant business value for your business.

Analyzing keywords and generating reports can also help you to uncover a range of market

opportunities that will boost your business revenue.

Keywords are going to stick around for a long time so, it is recommended to partner up with the best

digital marketing agency in Delhi to take advantage of the opportunities they offer. Moreover, you can

also consult with professionals at Promodome Group to gain valuable insights on keyword optimization. For more information, visit the website.