Decoding Marketing Trends Post Covid. What’s next?

As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus quoted, “Change is the only constant”, who could have predicted the famous saying would remain unspeakably significant even after centuries. Switch your business to a digital advertising agency for better and convenient work for the safety of your employee and you.


The post-COVID-19 situation has undoubtedly shaken the economy and gradually consumer’s purchasing habits. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the post-crisis desperately requires the sellers and marketers to adapt to new dynamics to keep up with altering consumer behavior.

While the marketing arena certainly shares the characteristic of being ‘ever-changing’. There are a few rules in the playbook that can be traced by the marketers to keep up with this dynamic environment of the COVID-19 situation, take a look:

Empathy still rules the Marketing Arena

To hold your brand’s value, it is extremely important to adopt a holistic approach of being ‘opportunist’ but still grasping the ground. In simpler terms, it may seem like the COVID situation has opened doors for yet another opportunity to push the digital marketing strategies but to gravitate in long term, you need to empathize with the consumers too.

Some businesses may focus on the lower end of the marketing funnel via push-selling strategy but in the long haul, blending your promotional strategies with empathetic communication will solve the purpose of brand connectivity as well as conversions. In fact, the push-selling strategy, if not done correctly, can even backfire by making your potential customers go away in a tough situation like this.

Re-analyze your consumer’s behavior by introducing the key player, Digital Advertising Agency

The ‘New-age’ media undisputedly, has outperformed during the Covid-19 situation with digital payments, OTT platforms, and online shopping for the necessities. Previously referred to as ‘alternate media’ it has certainly stayed long enough to become a new habit of your consumers and up to an extent, a ‘necessity’.

Undoubtedly, supply follows the demand (in this case your consumers). But keep in mind, in a digital sphere, the traditional AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) model of marketing might not work, perhaps; you need to restructure your marketing funnel.

On a digital platform, your consumer already knows what they’re looking for and with tight pockets (all credits to COVID). It is a good possibility that they might only be looking for the ‘necessary’ products which may not work for your business unless you sell something like…groceries.

So, how would they purchase your product if they are not aware of it? 

Here, you need to place your product’s ads only on the relevant online platform. Pay attention to the ‘Desire’ part first, ‘Awareness’ will follow. Track your audience’s behavior, what platform do they prefer? What are their purchasing habits? And then, how your product can be relevant to them?

Your luxury brand may have never experienced the need to go ‘digital’ but since your consumers have inculcated the new habit of being tech-savvy, you need to follow too.

Focus on Digital ROI & Digital Advertising

Shifting business to digital advertising agency media is still a fairly new department for many industries and the pandemic situation has made a lot of them pack up entirely, which means you can still tap the market to be an early bloomer!

One way to opt for a quicker and faster route is investing in digital ROI, there is a lot of organic traffic online with only a few advertisers. This also makes digital ads cheaper and pocket-friendly for you. Also, since your consumers are also spending most of their time online being stuck at home, the conversion rate is fairly higher than before. (It has recorded a growth rate of 70% in the pandemic situation!)

Thus, the post COVID situation looks friendlier for the digital savvy marketers who still carry the brand values in an integrated approach. It is good to invest in digital advertising agency ads since the traffic is certainly higher but be cautious of your consumer’s behavior and persona.

It is indeed the best time for marketers to take advantage of the newly inculcated consumer’s habit by re-adapting, re-thinking, and re-structuring their traditional marketing strategies for the tech-savvy environment.