Best Digital Marketing Techniques to Be Used In 2022

The year 2022 is just around the corner, ready to hit marketers with a number of expected and
unexpected digital trends that will set the landscape for the future of digital marketing. And even in
the year 2021, among all the hassle, we still managed to witness a lot of changes including- the rise of
TikTok among Gen Z users, the fluctuation in the NFTs and cryptocurrency market became the
center of discussion among the future of finance. On the top, Google announced that it would phase
out the third-party cookies by the year 2023, leaving many marketers and digital marketing service
providers wondering how they will navigate their channels to reach out to target customers.
In short, there are a lot of changes and developments in the world of digital marketing techniques that will
directly impact the way we engage and communicate with our audience. To help you understand all
the changes that are about to unfold in the new year, we have broken down the top 8 digital marketing
techniques to be aware of in 2022.

Here are the top 10 digital marketing techniques to stay on the top in 2022

·         DIY videos
TikTok once again rose as a leading social media platform, altering the landscape of social media
from status-containing photos to short videos. It didn’t take long for other platforms to jump into the trend to attract viewers, with Instagram copying and launching its Reels feature and YouTube
launching shorts.
The secret behind the popularity of short DIY videos? They emphasize the fast-paced way in which
modern-day viewers consume content and also highlight the need for a simple, authentic, and succinct
message that engages and encourages participation. The great thing about short videos is everyone can put together a short video through their phones, even if it is not polished or magnificently edited; it
can still attract the youngest consumers.

·         Brand storytelling is a real thing
When it comes to building a brand, storytelling is the key to success. This means you have to step
back and let your reviews do the talking. Here, by diverting your market focus to storytelling- you
won’t only tell them how your products are better but will actually show them through stories and
testimonials. Although it might not result in immediate sales, it will help to put your brand in the

·         Mobile-first marketing
Mobile-first marketing is no longer a requirement but a necessity for every progressive brand.
According to the salesforce, 68% of companies have included mobile-first digital marketing
techniques in their overall plan. Since modern-day customers are spending 5 to 6 hours on their
phones, brands must follow the cue and prioritize mobile-first marketing. If you are considering
adapting to a new change in the market, start with creating a mobile-first business website.

·         Chatbot marketing
The chatbot has become a new hot topic in the market. Based on computer programs, chatbots are
designed to converse and react like humans. When utilized with strategy, chatbots can improve
customer experience, and also have vast untapped potential. Giants like Facebook and Google are
already using chatbots to drip campaigns and close deals effectively. Picking the cue, 80% of brands
are planning to associate chatbots in their marketing techniques in 2022.

If you are planning to use digital marketing trends to improve your website, then consider adding
chatbots to your site. Chatbots can not only enhance the overall customer experience but help visitors
find the answers they are looking for. You can also use chatbots to help customers even when your
office is closed.

·         Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques that will further rise in
the upcoming year. With affiliate marketing as we know, companies rely on marketing partners who
will promote their products, bring traffic on websites and generate leads in exchange for a
commission. Moving forward in 2022, we can expect affiliate marketing to playing a huge role in
influencer marketing, mobile-first marketing, social media marketing, and more. If you are planning to
associate affiliate marketing with your new marketing strategy, then this is the right time to do it.

·         Product and service personalization
Personalization in 2020- how does it work? Well, going forward, brands need to understand that
rather than creating a net in the hope to catch as many people as possible, creating a specific
advertisement that caters to the needs of the target audience will generate more fruitful results. But
your role doesn’t end with creating the customized content- you have to ensure your target audience
is receiving those advertisements at the right time and right place.

·         Influencer marketing
Next year, if you are planning to expand your brand reach on social media platforms, then consider
partnering with an influencer. While it may sound easy to conduct, influencer marketing takes a lot of
research and checks before you approach, discuss and finalize the partnership. After all, you are
planning to use someone’s existing brand of trust and loyalty to build yours.
When looking for one, go with someone who already has a strong following on social media
platforms whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Make sure they are able to reach your target
audience. Once done, you can ask them to promote your products and services. Nowadays, consumers
will listen to personal recommendations rather than conducting their own experiments. Based on this,
they might give your business a chance.

·         AI will take over marketing
In recent years, the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has turned heads in the digital market.
Thanks to the utilization of AI, marketers can now automate general marketing tasks like monitoring
traffic on site, optimizing search engines, and generating intuitive reports. Moving forward, in the year
2022, AI is more likely to be used to predict what customers are likely to want next, so marketers can
target them with products and services they need. This type of digital marketing technique will lead to
high conversion as you understand consumers and their needs without being overwhelmed with
irrelevant marketing.

Ready to face digital marketing in 2022?
So, there you go with your handy guide that will help you to digest new digital marketing techniques that are going to shape the future of digital marketing. These trends are hard to ignore and believe me you don’t want to, especially if you want to rank on the top. From DIY videos to AI in digital marketing, it is going to be a big year for advancement in technology so, you better prepare by starting to learn about these trends.