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A Metaversed Advertising Landscape & Its Significance

A revolutionised universe in computing, Metaverse is the next generation concept of the future of the internet transforming user experience in a parallel virtual world. Powered by virtual and augmented reality that connects both online and physical worlds, ‘Metaverse’ is one of the most prominent buzzwords around in 2022, for exquisite reasons.   Coming to […]

How to maintain your brand strategy relevant in a rapidly changing world?

Let’s face it: today’s CEO’s and brand managers have a challenging job. Given new technology and trends driving what we do as marketing companies, a brand’s reputation might well be ruined in the single glance. The way your brand interacts with its target audience, follows up with current product or service expectations, and whether customers […]

5 Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of Advertising And Marketing

Authored by Sandiip Kapur, Founder & President, Promodome Group   A period of transition exists in marketing. New technologies have fundamentally altered how marketers operate, affecting everything from the duties of the chief marketing officer to the types of content produced and why.   Marketing professionals may enhance their client outreach and marketing initiatives through […]