Seeing ads of a specific product a lot? Here’s what it means!

Have you ever felt chased by the series of ads on whichever site you go to or online advertising? Have you ever noticed your social media flooding with the ads of the product you were just looking at on a website?

No, it’s not a cosmic sign for you to buy that product, though marketers really want you to ‘buy’ this argument. just another digital marketing thing called ‘behavioral re-targeting’ or just, re-targeting.

So, what is it?

Re-targeting is placing online advertising companies according to the previous actions taken by you over the internet. For example, if you were looking at the new collection of your favorite clothes on a website, you might see the ads of that very brand on your social media.

So how do they do it?

Re-targeting is via the pixel method- Here a ‘cookie’ is installed in a visitor’s browser whenever anyone visits any site. It is better than the other method of re-targeting the visitor gets to see the ads as soon as they leave your website and visits the specific platform where you placed your ad.

The ads will be shown to any anonymous visitor that left your website if you choose the pixel-based method.

Re-targeting is done by Listing- Here, the marketer knows who he is targeting by preparing a list of the users beforehand. When uploading the database (mostly e-mails) of the users to the website you want to place your ads on and that website, after identifying those users will showcase your ads to those users ONLY.

Though, this method is more time consuming but is more customized and behavior-specific; you can easily segment users on their preferences and target them with specific ads.

Is it like marketers stalking you? Isn’t it a privacy concern?

This is not online stalking, no web cameras and IP addresses are being traced or chased here. Ethically, you provide your database on your own when you visit a website designing company using your email address or social media handle. The more data you provide is more specific and personalized these ads get.

As far as ‘cookies’ are concerned for small ‘storage’ units that are made to perform a specific function on a website. Undoubtedly, they help a lot but they don’t keep an eye on everything you do online advertising companies in Delhi. But if you ever feel paranoid, just remember you can always clear up these tiny data pockets from your browser!

So, the next time you feel the universe is trying really hard to convince you to buy your favorite product by repeatedly displaying its ad; just replace the word ‘universe’ with ‘marketer’ and it will all make sense!